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AR500 Hard Side Plate

Material: AR500 Steel, with FragLock™ Coating
Protection: 7.62x51 M80 Ball (i.e. .308) at 3,000 FPS (+/- 30FPS), 5.56x45 M193, 5.56x45 M855/SS109 at 3,100 FPS (+/- 30FPS), 7.62x39 (i.e. AK-47). DEA Certified.
Not rates for AP rounds.
Weight: 3.45 lbs, 0.31"
Capability: Edge-to-edge multi-hit protection
Shelf life: 20 years
Compatibility: Testudo, Valkyrie & Invictus Plate Carriers
*If you're using a Valkyrie or Invictus plate carrier you will need to also purchase side plate pouches.

Manufactured: United States

Sold individually

Side plates are a useful addition to your setup whenever you’re expecting to be exposed on more than your front or back, such as in entry or defensive standpoints. Non-squared-off shooting positions, such as in hallways or in vehicles, also make side plates a highly valuable asset.

Armored Republic's Hard Side Plates, which are 6 inches horizontally and 6 inches vertically are compatible with most plate carriers that include cummerbund mounted side plate pouches. It comes standard with a curved profile and a base coat of FragLock® configuration- this base coat protects the plate from the elements, gives it a 20-year shelf-life, and deflects fragmentation away from the wearer. 


AR500 Hard Side Plate

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