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RMA Armor Level IV Side Armor Plate 6″x6″ (Model #1155SP)

Level IV Side Armor Plate SET 6″x6″ (Model #1155SP)
MADE IN Centerville, Iowa
NIJ .06 Compliant Body Armor

Level 4 Body Armor Side Plates sold individually
Each Level IV 6×6 side plate weighs 2.47lbs

RMA’s Level IV (Model #1155sp) 6×6 side plate is a cost effective, multi-hit rated, NIJ .06 compliant plate that offers superior Level IV protection to the vital organs above your hips. 6″x6″ side armor plates are the most commonly worn accessory plates on the market. Professionally wrapped, water resistant, and manufactured 100% at RMA’s factory in Centerville, Iowa to defeat rifle rounds up to and including 30.06 M2AP rounds. Side armor plates are designed to provide additional protection to vital organs from ballistic threats and shrapnel where torso plates do not provide coverage. RMA is the most sought after brand of armor plates by law enforcement officers in the United States. We’ve proven to be the strongest, top engineered, and most efficient manufacturer in the country. Nobody else comes close. Owned and operated by a former police officer and US Marine who has worn armor in two careers and knows what you need.

If you already own a plate carrier, please check with the manufacturer to ensure that your plate carrier accepts side armor. The Shellback SF Plate Carrier has built-in side armor plate pouches into the cummerbund. The Condor MOPC plate carrier, Shellback Banshee and Banshee 2.0, along with the Crye Precision JPC 1.0 and 2.0 do not accept side armor on their own. Accordingly, we have three side armor plate pouches you can attach to your carrier. Firstly, the 0331 Tactical Side Armor Pouch. Secondly, the Condor Side Armor Pouch. Lastly, the Shellback Tactical Side Plate Pouch set.

RMA Armor Level IV Side Armor Plate 6″x6″ (Model #1155SP)

SKU: RMAModel #1155SP
$110.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
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